Every Argument is a No-Win Scenario

Sure there will be certain issues where in you will absolutely want to stand your ground. But for all other “little things,” ask yourself, is this issue worth being in the dog house for the next 1-3 days? because win or lose, that’s where you’ll be. So choose your battles wisely.


The Secret to Romance

The Secret to Romance is not how much you spend, but how much thought and effort you put into it. Being romantic doesn’t have to be expensive. It just has to be something you obviously put a lot of time into. Planning, shopping and cooking her dinner, candles and all. A carefully plotted out night on the town. A poem, a picture album, an MP3 music mix. These simple things are far more romantic than expensive trinkets. Remember – Time, thought and Effort.

Why We Won’t Grow Up

To women, grown up behavior means THINKING EXACTLY LIKE THEM. Remembering to ask for the most recent immunization records when taking the kids to the doctor, making sure not to use the “dish sponge” when you should be using the “sink sponge,” or having the fore thought to fill up the tank so she won’t have to. Needless to say, men’s brains aren’t wired to this level of detail and object-connecting. The sooner both spouses can accept this and work with it, the easier it will be to get along.

Brownie Points

Unless you recently bought her a diamond or are on a romantic vacation, know that whatever brownie points you have scored do not carry over to the next day and will therefore not give you a free pass if you do anything stupid 24 hours later. So don’t slack off on being a good husband.

Keep Your Buddies Out Of It

There’s nothing worse than to stand there and watch your good friend have an argument with his wife and then all of a sudden he uses you as an example as to why he’s right or tries to get you to agree with him to strengthen his case. Friends don’t drag friends into the middle of an argument. Don’t be THAT guy.

Oh and on the flip side, stay out of your couple friends’ argument.

Lie About The Time

This probably doesn’t apply to everyone, but some women, either consciously or subconcsiously, like to make us wait. if you need to be somewhere by a certain time, always say it’s a half hour earlier than it really is. You can always drive slower, but no one likes to rush. Trust me.

Men Don’t Care, Really.

The truth is, men don’t care what kind of flowers you want for the wedding, what color the new baby’s room should be or how you look in that fifth dress you’ve tried on. In our neanderthal brains these things are just not a priority. All we care about is what’s there to eat, sex and that you’re happy. Not necessarily in that order. Accept this and your life will be much easier.

The Thing About Porn

You can argue with me all you want on this with “we can’t help it” or “what’s the harm?” but unless you’re one of the lucky few who’s wife enjoys it too, looking at naked pictures of OTHER women will make your wife feel devalued, dishonored and disrespected. And you have to ask yourself, is that okay with you? I’m not telling you not to do it. I’m just telling you how it is.