Book: Is He The One?

Why read hundreds of pages about making big life decisions about love when you get get all your answers from FOUR easily written pages that ask insightful questions about what you really want out of love and life?

Time is running out and you still don’t know if the person you’re dating is soul mate material. Don’t sit through another thick relationship book that over-analyses everything about your life, your past, your patterns and your types.

In just ten minutes, you can know without a doubt whether or not your significant other is right for you. By breaking things down to the four most important questions about who you want to love, you will learn what your answer should be when your partner pops THE question.

After a lifetime of observation, research, being a friendly ear to friends and having found and built a strong, passionate and lasting marriage, R.S. Gil takes you on a short journey about your wants and needs that could impact your lifetime. Four simple, yet proven questions, that will clarify and crystalize what you’re really looking for in a life partner. 

Is He (or She) The One? is a must-have guide for anyone who is not sure how to answer the impending question “Will you marry me?” 

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Excellent book!!
This is quite an excellent book. This is the first book of R.S Gil I ever had came across. I was captivated to the book’s story since the very beginning, the book comprises of relationship advice that can matters a lot. This book tells you or hints you whether the person you are dating, talking or being with is worth spending time with, is he or she the one? The one whom you can trust blindly and live forever. I finally know what my heart wants. The book have opened my eyes, enjoyed the read it was worth it.

– Katherine Henz

Permanent love. When a person is consumed in a relationship
In a short and succinct style, the Author narrows down the criteria for finding true, permanent love. When a person is consumed in a relationship, sometimes it’s difficult to see what qualities matter. This book summarizes what to look for in a few easy points.

 – By R. Hill

This book was very intriguing. R. S. Gil’s writing was very captivating and engaging. He made very valuable points throughout the whole thing and I really enjoyed reading this book. It was even pretty eye opening in my own relationship. It’s a must read for anyone on the fence with their own relationships!

 – By Jennifer L

Absolutely loved the book!
I absolutely loved the book. The author’s writing was incredibly engaging and interesting, and once I started the book, I couldn’t put it down! As it gives me a clear picture of what love of life is. I can’t wait to read more from this author. Highly recommended!

 – By Jeffry Klahnon

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